30. November 2011#

5 days in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Our destination for this job was Thunder Bay, Ontario. Stefan Koeppel (aerials & photography) and
Christoph Ulsamer (DOP) left for the cold north in late November for a 5 day production.
The topic was once again a photovoltaic power plant, built by Siemens. Thanks to our expertise from
earlier projects we were trusted with this assignment to deliver a satisfying film once again.

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During our 5 day production in Thunder Bay, our goal was to document the close-to-be finished photovoltaic plants,
erected by our client Siemens E X PV. In addition to the film,
we were glad to produce another instructional film, showcasing all parts of this plant.
For this, Torsten Keller (Siemens project manager) showed us around and explained all
technical aspects. On the first day upon our arrival we were joined by our canadian
production assistant and great support Spencer Clayton from Vancouver.

This made it easy for us to work with the locals and feel as canadian as a maple leave.
In order to include all aspect of this project we interviewed official representives (Keith Hobbs, Mayor of Thunder Bay),
local business representives (Scott McFadden, CEO Thunder Bay Airport) aswell as Siemens employees
responsible for the realisation of this photovoltaic plant.

It was a great pleasure for us, shooting these interviews at some very rare locations, such as the
Mayors office and the flight control tower of Thunder Bay Airport.

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